Tax & Refund Litigation in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Tax Attorney

At The Law Office of Michael K. Miller, P.A., the objective is always to resolve your tax problem in the most cost-effective and favorable manner possible. Installment agreements, the correct management of an IRS audit, an offer in compromise and many other tools can be used to end your tax troubles. As a former IRS agent and with over 20 years of experience in tax matters, Mr. Miller knows how and when negotiations can be favorably done.

Fighting in the Courtroom

There are times, however, when litigation is the best and only tool available to achieve your tax goals. When a tax dispute cannot be resolved in an audit or by appeal, your case can normally be brought to court by a skilled Palm Beach County tax lawyer.

After careful review of your financial records and other related documentation, the first crucial step is to decide where to file your lawsuit. Most cases are filed in the U.S. Tax Court where a judge who is expert in tax law will hear your case. In this court, you are not required to pay your disputed taxes prior to filing suit.

Litigation for Tax Issues

In order to file with the U.S. District Court, you must first attempt all administrative remedies provided by the IRS and pay the taxes which are disputed.

This will follow a hierarchy of different court levels, summed up here:

  • If you win at the District Court level, you can obtain a refund of the taxes you paid.
  • If you have filed for certain types of bankruptcy you can bring your case in the U.S. bankruptcy court which decides upon IRS matters, including the discharge of tax liabilities.
  • Finally, your case can be taken to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Commonly, this court hears large tax cases and it requires the taxes to be paid before taking up your case.

Tax litigation must be aggressively pursued in order to be successful. A lot is on the line for the IRS if they lose a case which establishes a bad precedence for them. The firm knows that your case is important and works to vigorously battle on your behalf.

To learn the benefits of tax and refund litigation to achieve your tax goals, contact a Palm Beach County tax attorneyfor help.

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