The IRS Statute of Limitations

Palm Beach County Tax Lawyer

Tax laws provide for a statute of limitations in which certain actions can be conducted by the IRS. The rules apply to how long you have to claim a tax refund, how many years the IRS has to perform an audit on you and the length of time in which an outstanding tax liability can be collected on.

These limitations do not apply, however, to false or fraudulent tax returns. With the assistance of a professional Palm Beach County tax attorney, these dates can sometimes be used to assist you in your current financial situation and prevent unwanted IRS actions.

The IRS Timeline

The time period to claim a tax refund starts on the original date when the tax return was due plus 3 years. If, for example, your taxes were due on April 15th, 2015, then you can claim a refund up to the same date in 2018. There are instances when you can extend the time period for claiming a refund, and a knowledgeable tax attorney from the firm can explain how an extension may be granted.

On the subject of an IRS audit, the 3 year period begins on the day you actually filed your tax return. The time is taken from April 15th though, if you filed your taxes before that deadline.

Collection of Back Taxes

The 10 year limit on collection of back taxes is measured from the date your tax liability was finalized. What you owe can be finalized through an assessment from an IRS audit, the amount you owe on a tax return or when a proposed assessment becomes final.

The IRS cannot collect whatever you may owe them, including any penalties or interest, once the 10 year limit is reached. You should be aware that there are certain actions the IRS may attempt in order to get the statute of limitations on collection of back taxes extended in your case.

Obtaining Your Worthy Representation

Mr. Miller has served people through his tax, accounting and legal skills for over 30+ years. As a former IRS agent he has on the ground experience that can prove invaluable when battling the government on your behalf. He provides clear answers to your questions on IRS statute of limitations and how they may apply in your case.

To learn about the IRS statute of limitations on refunds, audits and collections, contact a Palm Beach County tax lawyer .

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