Resolving Palm Beach County Tax Liens & Levies

Fighting the IRS for Palm Beach County Residents

In tax law there are several ways that real or personal property may be directly affected by the IRS. One method is a tax lien which can be imposed on your property in order to secure the payment of your tax debt. This occurs when a person neglects or refuses to pay their taxes and any additional costs connected with them such as interest or penalties. This lien can be held in place until your debt is fully satisfied.

A levy is a more serious action in that it allows the IRS to seize your property in order to pay off the debt you owe to them. The following are examples of property that can potentially be seized:

  • Home
  • Boat
  • Vehicle
  • Bank accounts
  • Wages (as in wage garnishment)
  • Retirement accounts

This action can be accomplished without the IRS having to receive permission from the courts and a Notice of Intent to Levy is given by the IRS at least 30 days before they actually seize your property.

If you have been assessed with a lien or levy, quickly contact a knowledgeable Palm Beach County tax attorney for proven assistance. Your property is at stake and while tax problems can be successfully resolved, it is important to act quickly.

Get more info on how our leading attorneys can help resolve tax liens & levies in Palm Beach County by calling orcontacting us online today!

Tax Attorney in Palm Beach County

The Law Office of Michael K. Miller, P.A. is fully prepared to work aggressively towards getting your tax lien or levy released. The first step is a full, detailed review of your financial records, other pertinent documentation and the lien or levy that has been issued. Based on this full assessment, Mr. Miller can then determine a course of action designed to not only resolve the lien or levy but to favorably resolve your underlying tax situation.

A lien on your property can make it extremely difficult to refinance or sell and can appear on your credit reports. There are effective methods to get a lien or levy released if the tax codes are known and the actions by the IRS are correctly challenged. With over 2 decades of experience in resolution of tax problems, Mr. Miller is ready to take up the fight on your behalf.

If a lien or levy has been issued against your property, learn your rights and what can be done by contacting a Palm Beach County tax lawyer.

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