IRS Voluntary Disclosures

Palm Beach County Tax Lawyer

In certain circumstances, the IRS will take into account your voluntary disclosure of tax information in deciding whether there will be fines, penalties or criminal charges for any tax evasion or fraud. While the IRS is not required to consider your voluntary disclosure when determining whether charges will be filed, it has done so at times in the past. As a former IRS agent, Mr. Miller is intimately familiar with the practices of the IRS regarding voluntary disclosure. He knows the elements that are required in order for the IRS to consider your communication to be voluntary. Additionally, he understands what needs to be said to the IRS and how it should be presented in order to produce a positive result.

A taxpayer who is volunteering information must show a willingness to cooperate with the IRS in finding out what their correct tax liability should be. In addition, the taxpayer will need to make arrangements with the IRS, in good faith, to pay the full amount that they owe including any interest and penalties. If you are in a situation where you feel you should provide information to the IRS that you have not previously disclosed, contact a recognized Palm Beach County tax attorney for help.

Tax Difficulties and the IRS

Sometimes an individual will realize that with a change in tax law or in their personal situation, there is information that the IRS needs to know. You may have been involved in failing to report all of your income, not paying the full amount of taxes that you owe or other situations. Problems with offshore accounts can result in you owing more than you had envisioned. Tax difficulties can be daunting and adding into it the prospect of criminal charges makes it even tougher to face.

This is where a tax resolution professional strives to greatly assist you. Voluntary disclosure, done in a timely and proper fashion, may dissolve the need for government investigation and criminal prosecution. As a two-decade veteran of tax and accounting problems, Mr. Miller knows when and how the voluntary disclosure process may be of benefit to you.

It may be possible to avoid prosecution for a tax crime through voluntary disclosure to the IRS. Contact a Palm Beach tax lawyer to find out how.

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