IRS Audit Representation: Do I Need an Attorney?

Receiving an IRS notification in the mail can be extremely intimidating, and you may not know what the next step should be. An audit is when the IRS takes a detailed look at your personal financial records to determine whether you correctly filed your tax return. If the IRS sees that the initial return was filled out correctly, no action will be taken. If they find errors, purposeful or otherwise, you'll have to repay the return amount in addition to any interest penalties.

Hiring an Attorney Can Protect Your Future

Working with an attorney can help develop a plan of action for your IRS audit and ensure that it is followed to completion. Following the wrong advice when you are being audited can be both dangerous and costly. Depending on the type of audit you are facing, whether it be correspondence, office, field, or Taxpayer Compliance Measurement program, you will need to approach the requirements for each differently.

Reasons why an attorney can be helpful during an audit:

  • Attorney-client privilege that cannot be revealed to anyone else, including the IRS
  • Find loopholes in the law to protect you in court
  • Exemption from testifying against yourself
  • Experience in negotiating tax settlements
  • Gather and analyze receipts and documents

The United States tax code is complicated and ever-changing document that requires diligent knowledge. With over 3,250 changes to the tax code occurring between 2001 and 2008 alone, there may be statutes and codes that you would not be aware of without the help of a lawyer to dig through these documents.

If you or a loved one is being audited, you will need the help of an experienced tax law attorney moving forward. With over 30+ years of tax law experience, our firm is available 7 days a week to protect you from the IRS. Call The Law Office of Michael k. Miller today!


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